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Accessories for all systems

The accessories are meant for all the systems of the program VOGA.
VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Connect


  • Connecting plate 90x65 mm for connecting desk plates (prevents shearing between two plates)
  • Angular connecting plate 120x120 mm for fixing a partition between desks

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Cable


  • Single or double cable holder for a simple and functional installation of cables under the table plate
  • Cable tube enables simple vertical installation of cables to the table plate

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories C-shelf


  • Cable shelf
  • For depositing cables and wires under the table plates

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Back


  • Perforated table back
  • Perforation 10x10 mm with spacing of 45 mm
  • Fixed on the bottom part of the table plate with holders

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Blind


  • Decorative blind
  • Fixed through the table plate
  • Behind the computer screen
  • Between two table plates as a divider

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Trolley


  • Computer trolley
  • Enables a simple connection/disconnection of cables
  • Wheels under the surface of the carrying board

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VOGA Wheel / pohištveno kolo


  • Furniture wheel for chests of drawers and smaller cupboards
  • Built-in brake
  • Rubber coated surface
  • Connecting plate 42x42 mm

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VOGA Dodatki/Accessories Bunkbed


  • Bunk bed ladder made out of curved metal profiles
  • Guarantees safe access to the bunk bed
  • Bunk bed fence for the protection of the upper bed

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Coat Hanger

  • Metal with end tips and hooks in oiled oak

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